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Fairness for People, Profits, and Progress

AI powered models to increase fairness and profits for lenders.

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Fairness solutions for the lending lifecycle

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Fast Fair Lending and disparate impact analysis — results in days, not quarters. Underwriting, Pricing, Disparate Impact Analysis, Drivers of Disparity, Redlining, etc.

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Create real-time fair lending programs. Proactively monitor your underwriting and pricing decisions to guard against degradation.

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10%+ increases in approval rate with no increase in risk

20%+ increases in fairness for protected classes

“FairPlay offers an impressive fairness-as-a-service solution for detecting bias in decisioning systems; the software produces fast, actionable results and offers visual outputs that facilitate fair lending reporting.”
“FairPlay’s products can easily be integrated into our clients’ decision-making solutions, making fairness a profit-driver in financial services.”
“We use FairPlay's fairness testing software to confirm that our models don't inadvertently reflect bias”
“Our mission at Splash is to make people more powerful than their debt. FairPlayTM helps us achieve this by increasing access to life-changing loans and...advancing solutions that create a more equitable world for everyone.”

FairPlay™️ is fairness analytics for the AI era

For Banks

Increased compliance, speed and readiness through automation. Marketing, underwriting and pricing optimizations to increase application volumes, approval rates, and take rates.
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For Fintechs

Fast, rigorous Fair Lending analysis and model validation for sponsor banks and regulators.
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Make more money.
Do more good.

Increased fairness used to mean decreased profits; FairPlay’s AI models grow your profits while increasing fairness. FairPlay™️ modifies loss functions to include a disparity minimization term for protected classes.

Fairness. Analyzed fast!

Send us data via SFTP or API and FairPlayT™️ will assess your loan portfolio for underwriting and pricing disparities in minutes.