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A Fair Lending platform built for Sponsor Banks

Modern lending partnerships require modern fairness technology. Automate and streamline fair lending compliance for all your lending partners.

Leading fintechs rely on FairPlay™️ for fast, accurate, fair lending results.

Automated Fair Lending

Instant fairness insights across all your lending partners

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A unified view into the fairness of all your lending partners

See the fair lending performance of every lending partner and product.

Enable your partners with automated fair lending tools

Provide your partners with tools that make compliance obligations easy

Detect disparate impact and whether it is driven by risk

Upload model inputs, outputs, and outcomes of credit, pricing and fraud models.
“FairPlay offers an impressive fairness-as-a-service solution for detecting bias in decisioning systems; the software produces fast, actionable results and offers visual outputs that facilitate fair lending reporting.”
“FairPlay’s products can easily be integrated into our clients’ decision-making solutions, making fairness a profit-driver in financial services.”
“We use FairPlay's fairness testing software to confirm that our models don't inadvertently reflect bias”
“Our mission at Splash is to make people more powerful than their debt. FairPlayTM helps us achieve this by increasing access to life-changing loans and...advancing solutions that create a more equitable world for everyone.”
Fairness Monitoring

Real-time fair lending analytics across every partner

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Monitor impacts on protected classes in real-time

Comprehensive fairness analytics across all your partnerships.

Identify risks for remediation before problems become significant

Populations change. The world changes. Guard against fairness degradation and proactively get in front of issues.

Monitor the fairness of every stage of a credit policy

Monitor the fairness of your acquisition channels and fraud screens, as well as underwriting, pricing, and loss mitigation decisions
Model Change Management

Instantly assess fair lending risks arising from credit strategy changes

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Partners submit new or changing credit policies for review and approval

Upload model inputs, outputs, and outcomes. Generate a Fair Lending report in minutes.

Forecast the fairness outcomes of credit policy changes and updates

Evaluate and respond to credit strategy changes proposed by your partners in minutes

Identify areas for improvement with less discriminatory alternatives

Monitor the fairness of your acquisition channels and fraud screens, as well as underwriting, pricing, and loss mitigation decisions