Fairness Solutions

FairPlay™ identifies disparities in your decisioning systems and gives you options to increase your profitability and fairness, proving to your customers, regulators and the public that you’ve taken strong steps to be fair.

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Fairness Optimizer

Tune your model to reduce disparities without increasing risk.

Second Look

Re-underwrite your declined loans to find good applicants that your primary model may have missed.

Applicant Composition

See a detailed and comprehensive view of your applicant pool by gender, race and age.

Fair Lending Analysis

Find disparities in your model and their root causes quickly and efficiently.

Special Purpose Credit Program Solution

  • Use FairPlay’s Fairness Analysis to Identify SPCP Eligible Populations
  • Use Our Fairness-Aware ML Models to safely approve more loans
  • Simplify Your SPCP Compliance
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Find disparities, reduce risk

Debias your model

Applicant Composition

See real-time performance

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