Play Fair,
Win Big.

FairPlay is the first Fairness-as-a-Service™ solution for financial institutions. Our AI-powered tools assess your automated decisioning models in minutes to increase both fairness and profits.


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Why play fair? Because algorithmic bias is rampant

This is a map of fairness for Black mortgage applicants in 2020. Red indicates regions in which Black applicants were approved at a rate of less than 80% of White applicants. These approval decisions were made by algorithms.

How do we keep the bias of the past from being coded into the algorithms deciding our future?

FairPlay’s Solutions

FairPlay’s software answers the following 5 questions:

  • Is my algorithm fair?
  • If not, why not?
  • Could it be fairer?
  • What’s the economic impact on my business of being fairer?
  • Did we give our declines—the folks we rejected—a Second Look to see if they resemble approved applicants on dimensions our primary decisioning system didn’t heavily consider?

    FairPlay™ Announces $10M Series A Round To Build Fairness Infrastructure For The Internet  Read the Announcment